There are a ton of decor ideas that you can opt for – if you are hunting for bridal shower decor ideas. However, nothing is as fun as hosting a brunch and bubbly bridal shower. But, people can find it hard arranging things for it. Therefore, you can take help from this blog to know what you need for a perfect brunch and bubbly bridal shower.

Brunch and bubbly bridal shower invitations 

The first thing that you need for a perfect brunch and bubbly brother shower is brunch and bubbly bridal shower invitations. However, if you do not have a huge budget for your bridal shower then you can look for bridal shower invites cheap on the internet to save a bit of money. On top of this, you can also opt for the invite if you want to save more money but do not opt out of sending invites as it is a very nice gesture when you are inviting people over for your bridal shower.

Brunch and bubbly banner for decor

A brunch and bubbly banner can be a budget-friendly and gorgeous addition to your bridal shower decor. Firstly because banners do not cost a lot. And at the same time, they make up for a fun background. And if you are not spending a lot of money on the decor, a nice brunch and bubbly banner can save the day.

Wine glasses for drinks 

You cannot miss drinks when you are planning for a brunch and bubbly bridal shower. Therefore, get some funky glasses for your wine and drinks to add another fun layer to your event. You can also try to decorate your food table with wine glasses that are filled with different flowers or edibles.

Mason jars for decor 

You might have seen many pictures and videos of different mason jars on the Internet. They are used for multiple things such as storing food etc. However, you can get the mason jars and use them as decoration for your brunch and bubbly bridal shower. If you can, try hanging them up on the roof and using flowers to decorate them. If you cannot hang them from the roof, you can also try decorating the table with the help of mason jars. But always try to fill the mason jars with flowers etc.

Place cards on for champagne glasses 

If you are holding an intimate event, you have the leverage of adding place cards on the table to guide people where to sit. Therefore, you can have your place cards from champagne glasses and place them on the table. It will look super cute and people can use those glasses to pop champagne bottles and celebrate with you.

Bagel bar 

When you are hosting a brunch and bubbly bridal shower. You need to be really careful with what you opt for in terms of food. People can be picky when it comes to food, but everyone loves to have bagels. However, to make things a bit different – you can arrange a bagel cart for the guests with different toppings and fillings. Everyone can create their own version of the bagel at the event.


Hosting a brunch and bubbly bridal shower can be a tricky business. Especially when you are on a time crunch. Therefore, use this guide and choose the ideas that you like for your bridal shower to make it a success. However, you do not need to include everything that we have listed here. Just choose your favorites and have fun with your friends.

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