Email marketing is an approach that uses emails to connect and communicates with potential and existing clients. The major goal of email marketing is to increase brand awareness, build brand credibility, and build relationships with subscribers. It acts as a promotional tool that informs clients about discounts, new products, and other services.
Email remains one of the biggest means of communication and it’s a cost-effective way to connect with your clients. To help you navigate this area effectively here are some tips that can be used to run successful email marketing campaign.

1. Use email hosting services.
Email hosting with IONOS is a process that allows you to rent and manage email servers. Email hosting is the key foundation to running a successful email marketing campaign. Hosted emails provide servers with dedicated space that allows you to store, receive and send emails. Email hosting is essential for seamless email marketing because of the following:
• Brand professionalism and consistency.
• Security—security features like spam filtering, encryption, and virus protection can increase the security of your inbox and prevent it from being intercepted by another party.
• Scalability and flexibility- email hosting gives larger quotas compared to free emails

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2. Segmentation and personalization of your subscribers.
Subscriber segmentation is grouping your subscribers into smaller groups based on their behaviors and interests. Subscriber segmentation enables you to send relevant promotions, content, and discounts to the right target.

3. Optimize your lead magnet.
A Lead Magnet is a free deal offered to potential Prospects in exchange for their contact details. It’s a strategy used to initiate relationships with clients. Optimizing your lead magnets for conversation enables you to get potential clients.

4. Optimize for mobile.
Most of your clients will access their emails on their mobile phones and not on their desktops. Poor mobile experience will drive away capable clients. Optimized emails should be:
• readable from a single screen
• landings page should load quickly
• Font size and colour should be clear to read.
Call-to-action buttons should be accessible to mobile device users.

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5. Implement automation.
Automation allows you to create emails based on triggers, for example, when someone clicks on your links, purchases something from your website, or opens your email. Automation also sends emails based on time sequences intervals like anniversary or weekly emails, thus reducing the stress of sending emails manually.

6. Send emails at the right time.
In email marketing, timing impacts the likelihood of clients opening and engaging with your emails. Send emails when your recipients are more active to increase the chances of them interacting with your content.

7. Craft eye-catching and compelling subject lines.
Subject lines catch the reader’s attention and convince them to open and preview email content. Write high-quality emails that hook your audience up after they see them.
Additionally, keep your email design simple and comply with can-spam rules and regulations.

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With these practical tips, you can run and design a successful email marketing campaign. Email marketing doesn’t work by lack or by chance. Rather, it is by implementing a realistic system and creating emails that resonates with your audience.


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