Photo Editing is always one of the most needed things nowadays. Social Media posting and other website editing are all required every time. Many prefer to have some editing application on their pc to get the work done, whereas others prefer to use an online editor.

Even though there is some limitation with the online editor, there is an advantage also. For those who use different PPCs frequently and are looking for a less resource using service, the inline editor is a good choice. in all those cases. is known as a powerful online editing suite utilizing the technology to put forward an unprecedented level of editing and control for everyone. Apart from Fotor’s collage and editing features, Fotor has introduced a new ‘design’ feature to help non-professionals and professionals design any graphics content from their minds eyes. The best part is it’s free.

So if you are a newbie and don’t want to splurge for expensive graphic and editing applications or want an undemanding quick edit, you can always come back to Fotor and confer light touch-ups and make any piece as per your creativity.

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Let us see in detail about and the features that it provides.

Look and feel

As soon as you click on the Fotor website, the home page reveals a beautiful pastel background with elements elevating its feels like a laptop, mouse, a greeting card, pen, and a few more pieces. This background speaks out the zenith of thought used to build the first page. It is stated on the first page itself that Fotor has above 3 million users.

On the top left side lies photos icon and on the right side top up there are few options-

  • Features
  • Language
  • Sign in

As you click on the feature’s icon, there are a few template options, clip art, design, basic edits, effects, beauty, collage, HDR, text frames, and banner maker. These features are straightforward to use, and even if you’re new to the editing world, you can still use these features with ease. If you are creative enough, you can also create a logo hassle-free with these features.

You can choose from multiple languages if you are not comfortable with English. You can translate your language preference and make the course of action easier for you.

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Saving up your work by signing in with your email or Facebook is another element for an easy-breezy experience. You can always come back anytime and re-edit the piece as per your liking and won’t have to spare extra space on your phone or computer to store any apps.

Now the center aligned unveils three features-

  • Edit a Photo
  • Make a collage
  • Create a Design

When you click on to edit a photo, it directly takes you to its editing page where you can edit your images like you usually would using features like a magic clipper, crop, rotate or add some extra effects, it also allows vignetting component or add-up some beauty effects or frames or stickers to your piece. You can also add text to your pictures and whatnot.

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Next comes the option of making a collage, where you can add up multiple pictures and make them in one frame.

In creating a Design option you are provided with multiple designs and template which you can choose from and make it personalized.

Suppose you are unaware of the sizing of the graphic content. In that case, you are going for Fotor’s premade templates to help you in that and allow you to make an outstanding, aesthetically pleasing graphic without much hassle. It’s premade templates include LinkedIn covers, logo, banner, gift certificates, youtube thumbnails, flyers, tickets, programme cards, label, book covers, album covers, Facebook ad mediums, etc. The options are endless and overwhelming.

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It also has videos made up on its website, allowing you to have a small overview of the website and how it can be used. So it is like a small guide walking you through the website.

The whole website is aesthetically very pleasing as well as effortless to use. Of course, the website can not omit the need for a professional application but does a fairly good job of making it as convenient as possible.

Fotor is also available for windows and mac, so if you don’t have access to the internet all the time on your PC or laptop, you can always download the offline version and not miss a beat. Fotor also provides IOS and Android applications for mobile editing.

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As the website claims it is critically acclaimed by underwritten-

  • It is claimed to be the 2nd generation of digital media image enhancer and designer after Photoshop by BBC News
  • Fotor makes quick work of photo editing task online by Lifehacker.
  • And TUAW states that it is very easy and simple and intuitive to use.

Fotor Features

  • Basic edit adjustment
  • Basic photo effects
  • Basic portrait touch up
  • Classic contents (collage, templates etc.) to start with
  • Edit and save your work in basic formats
  • Basic HDR Tech
  • Sync photos and works in Fotor Cloud

Fotor Pro Version

Fotor provides free editing, whereas some of the features require a subscription, and you can upgrade the free subscription to Fotor Pro at any time. Subscription can be made anually or monthly.

Fotor monthly subscription costs $8.99 per month, whereas an annual subscription costs only $39.99, which gives a discount rate of $3.33 per month.

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Fotor Pro Features

Other than the basic features available in the Free Version, the pro version provides additional features such as

  • Ad free
    • Uninterrupted, refined editing without unnecessary distraction
  • Advanced editing features
    • Professional editing features for perfect editing
  • Exclusive 100+ photo effects
    • Hundreds of artistically designed photographic effect
  • Advanced portrait touch up
    • Professional touch ups tools and more makeup tools
  • Unique and updated Edit content
    • 30+ stylized photo frames
    • 1000+ custom designed stickers (Online only)
    • Artistically designed backgrounds and textures
    • 100+ exquisite collage templates
  • Unique and updated Design content
    • 1000+ custom designed stickers
    • Artistically designed backgrounds and textures
    • 1000+ design templates dimensions streamlined for any usage
  • Advanced design features
    • More design options for convient designing such as auto resizing
  • Advanced HDR Tech
    • High definition HDR technologies for the best possible finish
  • Massive storage in Fotor Cloud
    • Massive storage in Fotor Cloud to store more photos and gain easy access
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After all the facts, Fotor is still an amazing website for touching up images or creating graphical content without much hassle or knowledge about editing. It’s just like scribbling on your paint book, and it is as simple as that. I wonder if the free version delivers so much what the pro version would experience like? Seems like worth a shot. You won’t regret it. Why don’t you try it and experience the pro version for yourself?

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