Happily on Amazon Prime Video Wiki | Release Date | Cast | Summary: After 14 years of marriage, Tom and Janet are still unable to separate. When they discovered that their friends were rejecting their usual public sentiments, the couple began to question the loyalty of everyone around them. A mysterious stranger plunged her into an existential crisis, leading to a corpse, many problems and a very stressful vacation.

Happily Tom and Janet

Happily Tom and Janet

Happily Details

Release Date19 March 2021
Director & WriterBenDavid Grabinski
Assistant directorMichael S. Chandler
Assistant directorIan Campbell
Assistant directorRick Monsey
GenresComedy, Romance, Crime
IMDb rating5.3/ 10

Happily Cast Real Names

Cast Real Names

Cast Real NamesNames in the movie
Kerry BishéJanet
Joel McHaleTom
Al MadrigalArthur
Natalie ZeaKaren
Paul ScheerVal
Billie WolffWaitress
Stephen RootGoodman
Jon DalyDonald
Natalie MoralesPatricia
Kirby Howell-BaptisteMaude
Shannon WoodwardCarla
Charlyne YiGretel
Breckin MeyerRichard
Brea GrantCashier
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Tom and Janet are making love anytime, anywhere: in the shower, in the car, in the bathroom of the family gathering, on the stairs when they get home. But despite their infinite passion, they are not young. We have been married for 14 years, and they still long for each other, as if they are in a breathtakingly romantic era. They don’t just love each other, they really love each other. They rarely quarrel, and when there is a disagreement, they agree. Smoothing is done quickly and sincerely. They are also very beautiful and live in a beautiful house.

Not surprisingly, all their friends hate them. But they face impossible happiness when a mysterious stranger appears in a strange suggestion in the movie, which is the screenwriter and director Ben-David Grabinski. And the colours are really tricky and only effective at certain times. This is an 80s-style conceptual thriller using modern technology and social etiquette. This is a dark comedy that makes intense drama and even horror finally give way, or at least aims to do so. This is a surreal, dreamlike quality that erupts with violence and bad behaviour. But although Grabinski’s ambition is certainly commendable, he missed the juggling he was trying, and fortunately, he was more disappointing than blinding.

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Happily Tom and Janet

Happily Tom and Janet

Grabinski introduces us to their slow-motion scene of an elegant night and their attachment to the demon, implying a certain degree of shyness and cheerfulness, which gradually dissipates over time. (The song “I Still Believe” in the “Lost Boy” soundtrack played at the party is one of many ubiquitous film references in the 80s and 90s. Although not so influential, the randomness suggests that they are a personal favourite).

The fact that they are still in such a relationship troubles friends at the party, including the unfortunate couple Karen (Natalie Zea) and Val (Scheer). Tom and Janet were so annoying that they were rejected by their friends. Spend a weekend vacation in a luxury holiday home before resuming the invitation permanently. The chaos inherent in these dialogues makes the plot unnecessarily complicated, but it becomes more and more important as the plot progresses.

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